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Here in Trail Blazer Travels blog, we provide some information about travelling destination, travelling gears and what preparation would you take to make your travel a smooth and exciting one. Most of our information we share are based on actual experience so you could get insights on what to do or not to do during travel.


Prevent Knee Pain: Key Features to Finding the Best Trekking Poles

Using trekking poles is comparable to being an all terrain vehicle. By using the best trekking poles you will provide stability to pull yourself up an arduous hike and relieve the pressure on your knees and ankles on the way down. But not all trekking poles are made the same, here are some keyblaze features you should look out for.

You will probably like trekking poles if you…
Have a heavy backpackHave weak kneesHave weak anklesLike having things in your hands while you hikeCross a lot of riversWalk on snow oftenLike poking things with The best trekking poles can help in steep terrain. With a few tactical pole placements, you could go up with ease while excreting less energy from your legs. You should use trekking poles on anything approaching 10 miles, your knees will thank you for it, both short and long term as you get older.
Don’t just take my word for it there has been numerous research like this Northumbria University study that states “trekking poles can reduce forces on lower-l…

23 San Diego Attractions That Will Make You Mad

WARNING. This article will make you go through the 5 stages of grief.Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are just some of the emotions visitors to San Diego go through. These San Diego attractions will make you reevaluate your life and question why you don’t already live here.

Annual EventsSan Diego Comic-Con International: No doubt the biggest gathering of comic book fans this side of the multiverse, the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) takes over the San Diego Convention Center every July. SDCC features hundreds of booths from local vendors, artists and fans showcasing their works and collection. Guest panels from television and movie’s biggest hits also come to promote their latest venture. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Smith, Chris Hemsworth and the cast of Supernatural are just some of the big stars that will be doing Q & As for the lucky fans able to see their panels. By far my favorite part of SDCC is the cosplay that fans create from the bizarre to the jaw…

Traveling to Iran as an American

Why travel to Iran? Contrary to most reports that’s viewed in the media, traveling to Iran as an American is perfectly safe. With peace negotiations in the works, soon more and more people will view Iran as a go to destination to learn about a culture that’s deeply rich in history. While it is true that there is still anti west sentiments, Iranians are amongst the most hospitable people in the world and will not turn down a guest for any meal. Anyone visiting this nation will surely come away with a sense of fulfillment and the need to visit again.

How do I get a travel visa to Iran? Getting a tourist visa can require time and effort, but just think, if it were simple and easy everyone would be going to Iran for their weekend vacations. As a US citizen, according to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs you must arrange a tour or private guide before acquire your visa or you may be sponsored by a friend or relative in Iran who will vouch for you and be responsible for your stay. (Se…

How to choose the best travel backpack

For any trip that requires more gear than you can carry in your pockets—hiking, climbing, travel, you will need a travel backpack. Hit the trail with  the best travel backpack that fits your destination, your body and wallet. This guide includes information for measuring your size and adjustments for that custom fit.
What makes a good pack?
Fit – First thing you must do is get fitted. Find a local outfitter or REI near you and get your measurements. They will have equipment that measures your hips and back length. Your pack should not feel like all the weight is on your shoulders and back.

Trip length is another deciding factor as to which type of gear you should get. A longer trip will require more food and water. If you have all your gear (tent, sleeping bag, etc) bring it to the store and see if it will fit in your pack comfortably. Don’t be afraid of looking crazy, any store will understand the necessity of this step. Now walk around the store with the different bags and see which…

10 Cringe-worthy Famous Landmarks Reviews

It seems you just can’t please everyone. These images highlight our favorite cringe-worthy famous landmarks reviews that will make you question your faith in others around you.

Popular Street Food In Asia

Street food is the number one thing that I miss about living in the Philippines. Just like in most Asian countries, food carts vendors line up the streets ready to take orders. I remember ordering bbq on a stick from one of our neighbors that sold them right across from our house. Food brought a sense of community not only because we unsanitarily shared the same dipping sauce but this also lead to neighbors opening up about their day and so on. My experiences with street food isn’t unique, popular street food in Asia can be found just right around the corner. Ingredients might vary but each one carries an aspect of the culture and history of those that make it. In this post we explore just some of the popular street food in Asia, what they look like, the ingredients that bind it all together and where you might find each one

This Malaysian dessert dish is comprised of shaved iced and red beans. Through the years as popularity grew, more flavors and toppings were introduce…